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customizing the hash

first post: DevMondo wrote: hi, is there a way to customize the hash ? thanks in advanced.

latest post: DevMondo wrote: exactly what i wanted to say, thanks


first post: rushfrisby wrote: I was thinking of adding support for WebActivator, which would pro...

latest post: DevMondo wrote: anytime :) this library is so cool

Generated Hash not rendering

first post: SirDavid wrote: Hello! I found this project and have begun to try and implement it...

latest post: SirDavid wrote: Thank you for your quick response, I added the two sections to the ...

Number of requests and file size savings

first post: rushfrisby wrote: Can someone post before and after shots from their site? I think j...

Using Bundler.NET on your site? Let us know!

first post: rushfrisby wrote: If you are using Bundler.NET on your site and love it, let everyone...

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